Care Management & Advocacy

Care Management & Advocacy

Worried About Your Loved One? Feeling Lost In The Healthcare Maze? Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You!

Our care management and advocacy professionals are here to attend to your needs. Ensuring aging with dignity requires a comprehensive assessment to gain a full understanding of your loved one’s needs. Some of the common challenges seniors experience are falls, mismanagement of medications, social isolation, lack of follow-up with medical doctors, lack of understanding of their medical condition, poor nutrition, poor sleep, depression and much more. While is it “easy” to notice physical decline, cognitive declines often go unnoticed, specifically in the early stages of memory loss. Many family members feel at loss as all symptoms of loved one’s decline are a “new” concept to what they have experienced until now. Caring for seniors is what we do on a day-to-day basis. Assessing, coordinating care and advocating on behalf of seniors is our expertise. Don’t go though it alone, we are here, and we are ready to take part in ensuring that your loved one gets to age with dignity.

Our Core Functions:

  • ASSESSMENT- In the comfort of your loved one’s home, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of what’s needed to ensure all needs and wishes are met. We will educate you and your loved one of what we find. Together, we will prepare a roadmap to healthy and happy aging. We refer to this roadmap as Plan Of Care (POC)
  • CARE COORDINATION-As part of implementing the Plan Of Care, we will coordinate services of behalf of your loved one. We will educate you and your loved one about local community resources that are available to provide additional support.  
  • ADVOCACY-As we bring the Plan Of Care to life, we will advocate on behalf of your loved one. We collaborate with all parties involved in the care of your loved one and ensure that the best interest of the person we serve is a priority.
  • RE-ASSESSMENT-As circumstances change, we will re-assess the needs of your loved one and update the Plan Of Care to ensure that it is tailored to the current needs of your loved one.

Some Of Our Daily Functions:

  • Attend medical appointments to ensure the right questions are asked, gain full understanding of our client’s condition and ensure follow-up on doctor’s orders such as referral to specialist.
  • Locate a caregiver that best meet our client’s needs and wishes.
  • Assist with transition to a retirement facility such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home.
  • Ensure healthy adjustment to new facility following a transition.
  • Assess for safety at home
  • Assist with VA and Medicaid benefits.
  • Advocacy during hospitalization
  • Ensure open and consistent communication with all parties involved including family, POA, elder law attorneys, trust officers, health care providers and more.
  • Work through seniors’ resistance to receive new, needed, services and resources. 
  • Empower the clients we serve.
  • Address mental health concerns
  • Act as community liaison between the clients we serve and local private and public resources.

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